38 – Alleviating Scar Tissue

I had this happen several years before I learned about the oils. If I had scar tissue anywhere in my body, I’d still use this same recipe.  I realize that to some, this recipe may not be “logical”. All I can say is that for me, it prevented a major surgery and I’ve never had a problem since, so it’s worth sharing. I’ve shared it with many people over the past 10 years and it has been very valuable support.

Today, I’d probably use Frankincense and Helichrysum – layered over the
abdomen as close to the site as I could get topically. And I may even take
5 drops of Frankincense and 5 drops of Helichrysum together in a capsule
several times a day. Both of these oils are fairly expensive and in the
French Medical Text, they also mention Lavender as being able to prevent
scar tissue so I might use that if I didn’t have Frankincense or
Helichrysum – topically and internally. So here’s what I wrote about my

In early 1992, over a year before I learned about Young Living, I was having
female problems – heavy bleeding during my menstrual cycle and a lot of pain
in the abdomen. The gynecologist told me I had one of the most severe cases
of scar tissue that she had seen and recommended an immediate hysterectomy
and the surgery to remove the webs of scar tissue that were apparently all
over my inner abdomen. I went home and crawled into bed, unable to do much

I called my herbal teacher, Hanna Kroeger, and she reminded me of a recipe
that enables the body to get rid of excess scar tissue and told me to go on
it right away. Luckily, I had the ingredients at home, because I was in too
much pain to go to the store. I followed her instructions and within 24
hours the pain was gone. After completing the 10 day regime, the pain never
did return and I never had any surgery. I have shared this recipe with
many, many people in the hopes that those who need it will hear about it. I
occasionally get a note from someone who has needed surgery, followed the
regime and then didn’t need surgery, just like me.

This is the recipe I followed, which according to European tradition, is
used to encourage the production of interferon in the body and alleviate
excess scar tissue. 1 pint cottage cheese (regular or low fat OK, fat free
not OK) and ¼ cup of good quality cold pressed oil such as almond or apricot
kernel (Hain makes good oils). Blend together. If it is too thick and
doesn’t blend easily, add a little water or milk.

This is the “Foundation Recipe” which is tasteless and bland and which must
be eaten every day for 10 days, along with a normal diet. To make it
palatable separate into two parts. To the first part, create a sweet flavor
by adding real maple syrup, vanilla and Cinnamon. This is tasty when
dripped over fruit. To the other part, add seasonings that create a Ranch
like flavor – such as garlic, onion, herbs, etc. I have even added natural
Ranch type dressing mix to this when I’m in a hurry.

This is really good as a salad dressing, or dripped over a baked potato or
over steamed veggies. Again, you want to eat the whole pint sometime during
the day for 10 days, along with what you would normally eat.

Additionally, go to the health food store and purchase a good quality biotin
supplement and an inositol supplement. These are two B Vitamins. Read the
labels to see how many they suggest you take – the producer knows their
product. It’s just important to be getting extra inositol and biotin during
these 10 days.

I realize this sounds too simple, but it is worthy of anyone’s trying it
before going to surgery. Please be aware that after following this regime,
a person may not require surgery and that the doctors involved may not
believe it or understand how it could be possible. The woman with scar
tissue will have to make her own decision about it, as I did. My doctor
called my home several times and was quite upset with me for not getting the
surgery. I know she felt that she knew what was best for me, but I made the
final decision not to have the surgery and as I mentioned previously, I have
not had any recurrence of the symptoms in over 8 years.

If this happened to me now, of course, I would also use the wonderful Young
Living female products – Prenolone, ProMist, FemiGen, Femalin and Estro
which were designed to support and balance the female system. The Cleansing
Trio plus JuvaTone and JuvaFlex may also be a consideration.

Years ago, I read a quote from an AMA medical journal which stated that at
that time, the number of people who died as a result of hospital caused
mistakes was equivalent to three jumbo jets crashing every two days. So
even when surgery appears to be simple, I take it seriously. If through
sharing with others we can keep a few folks off of these jets, we’ve done
our job.

The most magnificent attribute of natural healing is that through our own
investigation and study, we can regain control of our health and wellness
and become the powerful people God intended for us to be.

Vicki Opfer


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