41 – Nightmares

My daughter has suffered from night terrors in the past, but since using the oils nightly she hasn’t had them other than when she is sick. Yesterday she started showing sign of a cold and although I put the oils on her before she went to sleep she was having nightmares, kicking and screaming in her sleep!

After it went on for little while I decided I better rub something on her to help with her nightmares and sleep. I couldn’t find Dream Catcher, which is what I would normally rub on if one of my children has a nightmare, so I decided to try Joy. I wanted to change her bad dreams to joyful ones and what better oil than Joy to do that! While I was rubbing it on she kept sniffing in her sleep. BIG sniffs almost like she knew it would help. I am
happy to report that it worked. She settled down and slept peacefully after that. She even slept until 9:30 this morning rather her usual 7:00 rising.
When I asked her how she slept she said she had good dreams. (She’s 3!) All I can say is don’t be afraid to follow your instincts with the oils.


This post is a testimony for anyone needing help with night terrors. We have a five year old daughter adopted from China. She has experienced night terrors since she was about two. The pediatrician gave us information concerning the terrors but nothing stopped them. In November I went to the training in Houston. I asked the speaker if he had any help. He suggested Peace and Calming on her big toe at bedtime. We tried it that night and every night since. She has not experienced one night terror since! She now asked for her Peace and Calming at bedtime. I hope this can help someone else.

Teresa in Texas


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