47 – Cradle Cap


For cradle cap – Add a drop or two of Geranium or Eucalyptus Citriodora to a bit of sweet almond or sesame oil and massage scalp after the bath.

Cradle Cap is usually from too much chemical shampoo.  If they are not using YL KidScents Shampoo (and if baby has cradle cap, I doubt it!) then have them switch.  To get it gone, use olive oil with a few drops of Lavender rubbed on baby’s head and then “scraped” off will get it to diminish.  Very gentle!  It is usually from the skin trying to create balance after too much washing by shampoos/baby washes that strips the skin of its natural oils. Get one of those soft baby hair brushes from the drug store and wash baby’s hair with YL soaps.

Most mothers do not realize that babies really only need to be washed (full bath) once a week.  A quick, warm washcloth bath (starting at the cleanest part, ending with the bottom) is usually sufficient every other day.

Jessica Wild


My daughter had cradle cap until she was 3 years old.  We were using a natural soap that is no longer on the market called Planet Solutions.  There are other similar products but I have found that they aren’t quite as good as the original.

Anyway, I was not too concerned about it and figured that it would eventually take care of itself.  It didn’t bother her any, but at 3 years of age she had beautiful long hair in the back and 2 inch long tufts on top. It didn’t look bad, but I was beginning to be concerned that the top part of her hair would never get longer.

It was about this time that YL came out with the KidScents Shampoo.  I wanted to use it because it was not supposed to hurt the eyes if some soap got in them and the soap that I was using just wasn’t keeping my daughters’ long hair clean enough for me.  I had no thought of the cradle cap.

Three weeks later (three shampoo’s) I noticed that my 3 year olds top hair was growing.  I checked and the cradle cap was gone!  I never did any scraping or put anything else on it.  The simple act of shampooing with KidScents Shampoo and combing the hair as usual was all it took.  We cut her hair to even it up and now (at 6) she has beautiful long hair. 

Diana Hooper


I have a friend who dealt with this and it was actually due to her being so acidic.  Her baby reacted with bad cradle cap and a bad, red, awful diaper rash.  My friend started on AlkaLime to help with the acidity and her baby’s diaper rash went away and the cradle cap as well.  I believe she also used some oils on the cradle cap. 



Two of my grandbabies had cradle cap and we eradicated it fairly quickly by doing only two things: Putting Melrose all over the head area and brushing it vigorously with a soft brush.  The brush I used was purchased at a health food store and was made for cleaning carrots.  It is orange in color, made of plastic and is a very gentle brush.  We used it on both babies and they seemed to love it.  The cradle cap became a thing-of-the-past with only about 3 treatments. 

Edith Thurmond


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