52 – Bell’s Palsy

Hi, I have treated patients with Bell’s Palsy. One thing that helped was Elemi. It seems that BP may be caused by a virus, the only thing that I had on hand that day was Elemi, it seemed to work pretty well. When it was applied it burned along the nerve where it is located on the face, which I understand from Dr. Gary that when it burns it is killing the virus. The other thing that had an impact was the Cranial work that I did.
Doc Treacy

Wanted to share my experience: My husband and his mother both contracted BP when he was about 5, left side of face was partially paralyzed as a result. (It became a joke because during our courtship when my husband would purse his lips to kiss me or drink from a straw or anything his left eye would close. I kept wondering who he was winking at till he explained.)

In 1998 when I joined YL, I began searching for something that would ease my Gran’s pain from peripheral neuropathy.; I read that Wild Tansy would regenerate nerves. When it arrived, I was so anxious to use it but lived several hours’ drive from my grandmother. Suddenly I realized that the oil might also be beneficial for my husband’s paralyzed facial nerves. I began applying it each evening as we went to bed—along the side of the face
where the paralysis was. In less than five days, my husband was laughing about something (another facial expression that would cause him to wink), but his eye didn’t close. I had been laughing, too, but when I realized what I was seeing, I looked at him in amazement. I told him why, and he went running to the mirror. He pursed his lips, smiled wide, made all kinds of
funny faces, but his eye stayed open.

Months later, a girlfriend came down with BP. I took my bottle of to her and said to use it. Her situation had been so bad that she had to use eye drops to provide moisture to her eye (the lid wouldn’t CLOSE), and tape her eye closed with medical tape to sleep. Her face looked like she had had a stroke. A week later, she handed me the bottle back, smiled, and said she didn’t need the eye drops anymore, didn’t need the tape anymore, and you could.  Hardly tell by her smile that she’d ever had a problem.

Finally, the guy I knew from work came down with it. I had shared the above stories with others, and learned that Helichrysum would work well for BP applied on the facial nerve, just behind the ear. I had no Helichrysum, but I handed him my PanAway. He applied it as I instructed, and came running back, saying, “Look at this, look at this!” He saw and felt a difference immediately. Several days later, he called me and thanked me profusely, now people didn’t avoid him in the lunchroom because when he drank a sip of water or soda, it didn’t dribble all over him. He and another friend are interested now in the oils. They are truly a blessing in our lives!

I am a retired chiropractor and now a very enthusiastic student of aromatherapy for the past 10 months. In 15 years of active practice I treated a fair number of people with Bell’s Palsy. I was able to help roughly 75% of them by paying close attention to the alignment of the neck vertebrae. The one known as C3 was often the most misaligned in these cases.

The chiropractic theory is that spinal bones out of their normal alignment press on nerves and the spinal cord itself, thereby interfering with the normal function of the nervous system. The medical theory for Bell’s Palsy is that it is caused by a viral infection of the Facial nerve. It is possible that both are correct and that spinal misalignment interferes with and weakens nerves so that they become susceptible to viral infection. I often found this to be the case in patients with shingles, for example.

Knowing what I know now about the EOs (I make that qualifying statement because what we know about oils now is going to change a lot as time goes by) I would choose from the following oils to use for myself if I were experiencing Bell’s Palsy:

Valor (this is nicknamed the “chiropractor in a bottle”) – I would apply it morning and night to the back of the neck and behind and below the ear, and the corresponding reflex area on the bottom of the foot. If you haven’t already, get the Science and Application video from YLEO. It shows how to do the Vitaflex press and roll technique which is different from just rubbing the oils on the foot.

Thieves – the oils in this blend have strong anti-viral properties. I would mix it with V6 oil (a few drops of each) and apply around the back of the ear and the face, and also the entire bottoms of the feet 2 or 3 times a day.

Helichrysum, geranium, lemongrass – these oils are noted for their nerve regenerating qualities. I don’t have enough experience yet to know which would be best for this condition but these are the ones I would be trying. I would apply to the upper neck, around the back of and below the ear, on the affected part of the face and the corresponding place on the feet. Becareful of lemongrass because it can be “hot” of not mixed with V6 oil. Hope this helps.

Warm regards,
I was afflicted with Bell’s Palsy 17 years ago while pregnant with my second son when a doctor told me to cut back on all dairy except 1 glass of skim milk per day and to stop eating all natural sodium foods such as celery, avocados,etc. his idea was to keep me from retaining too much water or gaining too much weight. After 2 months of this I was hit by the virus and to make a long story short I did a lot of research to heal myself because due to the severe mineral deficiencies he brought on me, the paralysis did not go away after a few days as is most cases. I found it is more likely to hit a person who is low in calcium, magnesium, vit D and sodium as I was. (These are needed for proper nerve and muscle transmission.) You must regenerate the nerve as Frank mentioned in his message. Replace the minerals mentioned, also do a good strong B complex. I wish I had the oils then – it took me several years to get my severely deformed face to the point it is now where only one eye can be a little droopy if I am tired….I would have been healed surely in a matter of weeks!
I too have a friend who has just had a re-occurrence of Bell’s Palsy. Her last episode was 2 years ago. Her M.D. has no treatment for her and I am looking into this for her now. This is what I have found:

This is a nerve disease which is thought to be caused by any number of things. Possible causes are infection of the nerve by viral agents such as Coxsackie’s, herpes zoster, echo and Guillain-Barre’ to name just a few. Other possibility are poisoning by toxic substances like mercury, lead, arsenic, tin and non metallic toxins like carbon monoxide, benzene and sulfonamides. The approach I would choose, if this were me, is to start with cleansing the body, especially the liver. It is amazing what a filtration unit the liver isand we never think to clean it!

I was diagnosed with Lyme’s disease in January, 1997.I had symptoms though early in September, 1997. They thought at first it was the flu. I developed Bell’s Palsy which occurs if Lyme’s disease goes untreated. I was given antibiotics by the doctor and I was helped while on the antibiotics.

Symptoms reappeared again in March, 1997. I started using some of the Young Living Essential Oils and took care of myself. I haven’t been back to the doctor. I Feel Great!

The Young Living Essential Oils I use are R.C., Thieves, White Angelica, Sacred Mountain, Clarity, Joy, and the Cleansing Trio. As I said before I feel Great. I use these oils every day. Thieves the bottom of the feet and forehead White Angelica on the forehead Sacred Mountain on the back of neck on the chest and inhale on the back of the ears over the heart Cleansing Trio “food supplements.

One friend, the one with shingles, I gave yes” Lemongrass and Wild Tansy. Hers was a more severe case where she had to use medical tape to keep her eye shut while she slept. The recovery was remarkable; you cannot tell she had it at all.

The friend with diabetes has not had as complete a recovery. He no longer drools, dribbles liquid when eating, and he has his eye open and his mouth is cooperating. But he still has a little slurred speech as a result of stiffness in his facial muscles. I used PanAway on the nerve by the ear. The others were anointed in the areas where the problem appeared the worst— I didn’t know any better at the time. All of them swear the oils made the difference in their lives and face!

NeuroGen: My Personal Experience This Young Living product has began to regenerate the severed nerve in my face. I am able, after many years, to move my left eyebrow. I use NeuroGen once or twice a day on my face and lower spine (due to disc fracture)…works wonderful for pain and wrinkles. Also use it on my tennis elbow.


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