69 – Torn Shoulder Tendon

Two weeks ago I tore a tendon in my shoulder. On
a scale of 1 to 10, the pain was 12! I went to my oil
cabinet and took out any oil that I thought might help.
I mixed the Magic Pain Formula and a tendon formula
I use and had probably ten more oils setting on the
counter. For the first few days I must have slathered
on oils at least ten times a day. I would just pick up
one of the bottles and layer it on. I could not raise my
elbow at all. I couldn’t even move it out away from my body.

As my shoulder began to improve, my chiropractor told
me to start “walking up the wall” with my hand, five times
to the side and five times to the front as often a day as I
thought of it. I was not to force it but stop when it began
to hurt. He said every week I would be able to go a little
higher. What he didn’t take into account was the power
of the oils. Every DAY I could go higher! In SIX days,
there was no more pain at the tendon site that had
hurt so bad. I asked him how long on the average
this type of injury takes to heal. He said from 4 to 6
weeks. So I healed a week every day!!

Folks, this kind of thing can only happen with our oils.
A drug might have masked the pain, but the oils
healed that tendon in six days. Sometimes I forget
how fortunate we are to have these miracles in our

Edith Chupp


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