84 – Kidney Stones

This past Thanksgiving I had a kidney stone. At first I had gone to the ER
and they misdiagnosed me. Then I went home in pain and started to treat
myself with oils for fibroids. The following week I went to my Gyno and she
told me I had kidney stones. I went home opened the EDR and started with
Juniper, Rosemary and Geranium mixed in honey 3 times a day. I massaged
Juniper and Geranium on my kidney area and my feet. I then found the
emotion attached to what would cause a kidney stone and that is unresolved
anger. I then confronted the issue and the very next day which was 3 days
later I was able to pass the stone which at that point was so microscopic I
was almost pain free.

Good luck.
Sharon Stern

What worked for Gary Young was to use half Lemon and half Frankincense. He
took three capsules. It dissolved his stones.


One of my downline members came to me all upset. Her son had severe kidney
stones and was bleeding internally. They were ready to operate, but had to
wait until the bleeding stopped. She acted as a proxy and we muscle tested
for her son. He was to take 2 drops of Legacy 2 times a day and apply it on
his feet 2 times a day. 3 weeks later she told me he passed the stone with
no pain and was on the mend. I’m so excited. If anyone wonders why I
choose Young Living’s Oils, this is why. The results are so consistent. I
love these oils and I know the quality. I never have to second guess.

Bless you all,


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