126 – Neuropathy

It is about 3 years now since my husband had his last chemo treatment
due to colon cancer. Neuropathy in both his legs, hands and feet were
the by-product of the chemo. My husband was told at that time that
he has a 50% chance of getting rid of this chemo neuropathy, however,
had it occurred due to radiation treatment, the neuropathy would not go away.

For the last 3 nights I have been applying YLEO/Peppermint/NEAT to the
bottoms of both his feet and inbetween all toes followed by a glass of water.
This evening my husband said to me that his feet and legs feel 100% better
since the application of this oil 3 days ago. Previously when he would walk
he felt like he was perpetually walking on hard broken cookies, which was
very painful.

As of today, he feels he is walking on soft broken cookies and soft crumbs.
We will continue to use the Peppermint Oil and shoot for a 100% turn around.

It is my hope that this experience may be helpful to others struggling with neuropathy.

Take care and be well.



Here is what I have in my files on neuropathy.

Barbara Adler
Newburyport, MA

Re: Burning Feet from Neuropathy
Posted by: “lale” lale05@gmail.com mesem05
Sun May 6, 2007 9:02 am (PST)

Hello Candy,
My mom used cypress, lemongrass, peppermint and some other oils for same
condition and she got complete relief. She also used a lot of other diabetic
supplements.Little after starting to use oils she saw the results.Hope this
helps to your father “““““““““““““““““““`


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From: Barbara Adler [mailto:barbara916@earthlink.net]
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To: Barb Adler
Subject: Neuropathy and 2003 convention notes

I found it on tape #56 Clinical Case Studies with Essential Oils. It’s Dr.
David Hill – the YLRC administrator just after he started his position in
summer of 2003. I’ll forward my notes from the convention too.


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From: Barbara Adler [mailto:barbara916@earthlink.net]
Sent: Friday, August 20, 2004 10:29 AM
To: Barbara Adler
Subject: Neuropathy – 2003 convention notes

This is from my Convention 2003 notes:

Dr. David Hall is the new Clinic administrator. He is a chiropractic

His 1st case dealt with non-diabetic neuropathy = Bonnie Walker from
Florida. His mother lost her legs due to neuropathy and the typical medical
protocal was “medicate until you amputate”. Bonnie Walker was the worst
case he’d ever seen. She had no feeling in her feet for 10 years prior. He
looked up what to do in the Essential Oils Desk Reference and chose 5 oils
to work with. After the 1st day she screamed “I feel my feet”. She began
to get sensations after only 2 treatments.
At the end of 1 week she had full restoration of color to her feet. He
massaged her feet to get the blood flow working and she felt it on the soles
of her feet.


Two very dear friends, Janine and Ellen, just sent me this wonderful report!

Thought it might encourage others. They begun this journey in 2006 and are
coming to Convention.


We thought it might be late to call you, but wanted to share this wonderful
experience with you. Janine and I just did a Raindrop for a friend of ours
who suffers from some nasty after-effects of chemo (which she finished about
two years ago), including numbness and tingling of her feet and sometimes a
feeling like there is sand in her socks. Because of that, I decided we
should add Juniper to her Raindrop, for her feet and for her back. When we
were doing the Juniper on her feet, she asked if we had changed the amount
of pressure we were using, because it felt very different to her. By the
time she was done with her treatment, she was amazed and kept saying it’s
the first time she has felt like she had two “real” feet in two years! She
also tried some NingXia when she was here the other night, and said she was
up peeing all night long and knows it was her body getting rid of a lot of
old stored-up junk that has been keeping her all plumped up! I know you
will understand when I tell you how good this makes me feel — I have known
this woman for over 30 years and she is one of my dearest friends! My heart
is very full …



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