219 – Diverticulitis

I have had diverticulitis for a very long time — wish I could remember but
have to say about ten years at least. Have had several bouts of
diverticulitis — one so severe that a surgeon was ready to remove a large
part of my colon. I was saved by a very wise gastroenterologist who
suggested that we postpone the surgery until the inflammation was cleared up
first. Thank God, once the inflammation was gone — the surgery was no
longer necessary.

With that background — here’s what I do now. I take COMFORTONE daily
because of the diatomacious earth in it. I had read somewhere that it would
fill the pockets in which food might get trapped and start becoming

I have not had a serious attack since I began. IF for some reason I feel
some slight cramping on my lower left side (those who have it recognize it
immediately) I begin using DiGize liberally all over my lower belly.
I use it every half hour at first, then every hour for a day or two. These
two things have kept me from having any serious issues for a very long time.

Except for corn and popcorn, I eat everything without issue. Perhaps corn
would be OK — but it was what I had eaten before the serious attack and
it makes me a little nervous now!



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