233 – Upper Respiratory Infections

I have had 2 experiences with Eucalyptus oils in separate clients with
respiratory issues. One was a young mother who had periodic bouts of
asthma. She used a puffer when it got bad, but really wanted to get off it.
I ordered her a bottle of Eucalyptus Radiata and once she began to use it,
she got relief and the ‘asthma’ problem disappeared. She moved to another
city and I did not see her again for about a year, but she told me she was
still successfully using the EO for her respiratory issues.


The second client was a 5 yr. old boy who had upper respiratory problems
whenever he got a cold. It sometimes progressed into something like asthma,
although the doctor said it was not that and that he would outgrow it. The
coughing restricted his breathing severely enough that it frightened both
him and his parents, causing them to take him to emergency in the middle of
the night on a couple of occasions. I suggested RC which they would diffuse
in his room, and put it also on his feet and chest. They have had great
success with it and are never without it in the house. Now when he gets a
cold they combine it with Thieves on one foot and RC on the other and on his
chest and back of lungs. Of course the RC has 3 varieties of Eucalyptus, so
not sure I could pin it down to one variety.

Hope this is some help.

Donna Ryan Cochrane
Registered Holistic Nutritional Consultant


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