249 – Breast Fibroids


Does anyone have any suggestions for someone who has breast
fibroids. She is experiencing a lot of pain. She is in her 70’s.

Thank you,
Shirley Leslie



I just want to share my success story with you. I had 3 fibroids (one
very large one and two smaller ones) and a couple hard lumps on my breasts.
I used to wear underwire bras which probably caused the hard lumps as they
were along the underwire area.

I’ve been using YL essential oils to get rid of the lumps and now have only
one lump left and it’s the large fibroid (which has shrunk) and I continue
to work at it. The rest of my lumps are gone. I used Frankincense on all
the lumps and combined it with different oils for each application. I just
picked from some of the oils I had including; orange, lemon, lavender,
cedarwood, and myrrh.

It seems that I had quite of build up of toxins under one arm which keeps
breaking into detox rashes. I think I still need to do some detoxing under
my arm which might be part of the large fibroid problem.

It took a couple of months or more to get rid of these lumps and sometimes I
would use fairly strong applications of Frankincense. I would apply the oils
morning and night.

Lianne, I have a big one on my left breast so does one of my poodles. Since
we moved from house of horrors in Reno Francies’ is going down mine not so
much yet but since hers is going down I know mine will too. I am drinking
less caffeine as well. I was told that these blobs are toxins that the body
does not know what to do with or can not get rid of so it just encapsulates
it. Which did you apply first Frankincense or others? It had not occurred
to me to mix the oils – uh duh! I do with other issues.


Fibroids in breasts – Lavender and Frankincense – half and half. Apply on
location. Bras are more significant to breast cancer than cigarettes to
lung cancer.

Vicki Opfer


A friend of mine has been using Frankincense and Lavender on her
breasts for several months for her fibroids. The fibroids are almost all
gone and the severe pain that she was in prior to using these oils has
completely disappeared.

Blessings, Maureen


I take Nattokinase (NSK-50) with great success. I also rub a small
amount of Progessence Plus on them. Hope this helps. It did me!



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