257 – Skin Tags

I have used PanAway on skin tags, moles and warts with great success. It takes time but it works.

Janet Ballingham


I used oregano on a skin tag on my neck. I put the oregano on a toothpick and applied it directly on the skin tag. If it started to burn, I would add a drop of V-6 oil or olive oil. I only did this at night because the oil has a strong smell. If I was at home, I would apply the oil three or four times a day. It took a little over a week. The skin tag dried up and fell off. Just a little red mark was left, so I applied lavender.



I have family that have used the Palo Santo that we got last month with success for skin tags!
Blessings, Kathleen


Skin tag removal was my first introduction to Young Living essential
oils. What I used (successfully, on very tender skin) was Oregano
diluted 1:3 or 1:4, every night at bedtime. If it burns too much,
dilute even more. It’s not worth being miserable all night. Let
the Oregano soak in a little, then top it off with Peppermint. You
will smell less like pizza, and the Peppermint will both cool and
drive in the Oregano. Hope this helps. It’s much easier (and
less painful) than having them frozen off by a dermatologist.

Regarding your concern about products with protease enzymes. I read
labels and checked the Desk Reference, and I did not see any listings
think that our Young Living products are good about listing all
ingredients, but not all supplements do that.

“Proteases refers to a group of enzymes whose catalytic function is to
hydrolyze (breakdown) proteins. They are also called proteolytic
enzymes or proteinases.” [Enzyme Essentials]

Peace and Joy,
Beth Glass


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