261 – Erectile Dysfunction (E.D.)

My hubby had a stent put into his heart after a heart attack in 2008. I should
have known the one yr of ED before the attack was a sign…I knew it but we
are in denial when it all happens.

Six mths after his stent, I began to put three oils on his feet each night((yes
all 7 nights)) ‘Mister’ – ‘GoldenRod’ – ‘ AromaLife’ but before these three I
had to start using Almond Oil first, b/c he began to get a rash on the inside of
his ankles. The oils are very pure, and they should be diluted.

The Left foot under the Big Toe especially, b/c this is the pressure point for
the HEART……Remember…..I am not a Dr. But this worked for my hubby after
one mth of using these oils, six mths after the stent was put it.

Why the feet? The feet absorb the oils directly into the bloodstream this way,
which they then begin to clear the arteries better like ‘RotoRooter’…maybe one
mth later, you should see a difference…..but I stress…this is after he has
gone to the Dr. and had his blood pressure chkd etc.

Good luck,

Tammy Griff


From a post that originated on “GREATER JOY”


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