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Anyone have information on which oil/s to use for sun spots/actinic keratosis. I have been given a preseciption for some, what sounds like, very potent medicine to use on my face with many warnings attached. I really would like a healthier answer. I have had several of these spots turn to basal cell cancer and so would like to get rid of these if possible. I have tried liquid echinacea as recommended by a naturopathic doctor. This did shrink the spots but did not eliminate them. I would like them gone.

Thanks for your help.



20 drops avocado oil
6 drops sandalwood
4 drops Australian Blue
4 drops lavender
4 drops nutmeg

Apply 2-4 drops of the above blend over affected area 3 times daily for 2 weeks.



My husband has used palo santo for his skin cancers with good luck.
If the wound is open then be prepared for it to burn ……he would sit in front of a fan and let it blow on his face where the spot was. He has also used Frankincense.
Good Luck
Jackie King

Elemi or frankincense and then a compress will start to remove the
keratosis on the first application. Underneath you will find beautiful, pink

Jan Doerr, ND


I have a young girl in my team that is in a western state. She is thrilled with Art skin care for her liver spots. She had previously tried expensive creams etc.
Hope this helps.
Sally VanSickle

My husband had an actinic keratosis on his forehead hairline. He had already had it removed by a dermatologist previously but it came back. He put frankincense on it 2-3 times a day for a few weeks and it simply flaked off one day when he was toweling off after taking a shower. When he first started using the frankincense, he noticed a “change” in the skin (both color and texture) . The actinic keratosis was about the size of a nickel. He was really impressed that something so simple and painless could do that.

You can see the before and after photos on my website: http://www.bestyoungliving.com on the blog.

What’s wonderful about the oils is that there are so many ways to solve a health issue! I absolutely love this group and am so grateful for the collective knowledge.

Lori Y in AZ


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