282 – Macular Degeneration

Essential Oil Experience:

I have applied lavender, peppermint and galbanum around my eye
and it has leached in to my eye. It stings like crazy but it did help
me. I used two other oils too but I didn’t write them down. I
selected the oils by muscle testing. I was working on macular
degeneration. I have had no change the last four years in my
macular degeneration. I applied the oils everyday at first, now
I do it rarely. J.


Hi J,

So sorry that so far you have had no reduction in your Macular
Degeneration after four years of using YL oils. Have you tried
Ningxia Red for your eyesight? There are many folks who have
experienced dramatic improvement in vision by drinking Ningxia Red.
The studies I have seen were specific to Macular Degeneration, but I
have spoken with others who have experienced great improvement from a
variety of eye conditions other than macular degeneration. In my
case, the Macular Degeneration is gone now, my remaining cataract has
improved so much that it no longer requires surgery, and the Fuch’s
Dystrophy which necessitated a cornea transplant in the right eye
several years ago has reversed so much that a transplant is NO LONGER
necessary for the left eye. I hope you will read my testimonials
at http://www.oil-testimonials.com/1025253 about the reversal of my
macular degeneration, which I attribute directly to drinking Ningxia
Red. I was examined 3 weeks ago by my ophthalmologist, and there
still is no sign of the macular degeneration. I was delighted to
hear that I need not return for a check-up for an entire year!
Healing is possible, and I hope that it finds you!

Beth Glass


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