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I periodically have problems with Restless Leg Syndrome, and I use Peace & Calming. Just rub it on my legs. It disappears in a few minutes, and I get a good night’s sleep. It works great! Millicent Yount
Good Morning, One of the reasons I got involved with the oils in June 1999 was because I suffered from Restless Leg Syndrome. Within 3 days of using Mineral Essence 3 X a day, all symptoms were gone! I believe it is caused by a mineral deficiency (predominately magnesium but trace minerals have a part to play) which can be exacerbated by alcohol consumption. Cris
Hi Everyone, Here is a weird remedy and since I’m an avid oiler, it was tough for me to suggest it…have you tried putting a bar of Ivory soap in your bed for restless leg syndrome? I heard of it and it’s amazing effect of calming legs completely, since I don’t have that problem I suggested it to a couple of my clients…one woman has suffered her husband’s kicking and jumping for 30 years…it stopped completely the second night the soap was in the bed. The same for another client! Strange but it worked! Just a bar of Ivory down in the lower part of the bed. Have a calm night, Sara

Anyone know the frequency of Ivory Soap? I bet if you found a rock with the same frequency it would also work. What about a bottle of Peace & Calming? The oils will work even when in the bottle. Just placing a bottle of oil in your pocket will elevate your frequency. Putting one “in the lower part of the bed” should do the same. Bill

Well, I was fascinated when I read that a bar of soap had this ability – sort of boggled my mind! Bill’s suggestion that frequency is the element that creates this relief for restless leg is a plausible theory – I think it would be great if someone who suffers with this could test this out – a bar of soap for a week or two, and a bottle of oils – just to see if that is truly what is behind the “magic.” If anyone is game…let us know the results! Take care, Mary Lou
Reading in the product guide it says massaged onto the legs helps with restless leg syndrome. The doctors say my mom has this and wants to put her on yet another medication. Both she and I are against the additional prescription. So, I thought I’d offer her some Peace and Calming (goddess knows I need some myself, haha!) in V-6 oil to rub onto her legs at night as the product guide suggests. Mom has diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart trouble. She’s also on anti-depressants and cholesterol meds. I really want to introduce her to essential oils, but am leery of giving her anything that interacts with these meds (and there are a bunch). Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Blessings, Mary
Don’t worry about Peace and Calming interacting with drugs. But I wanted to say that years and years ago, doctors used to tell people to increase their vitamin E for Restless legs. It worked. But, gee, Vitamin E can be sold over the counter and it wasn’t very profitable to the drug companies. Sigh. Another thing to relax restless legs is a nice relaxing bath in Epsom Salts and Lavender or Marjoram. (Sometimes restless legs are caused because the low back needs to be adjusted.) Yours in health, Dr. LeAnne
Hi Mary!! My aunt suffers from what she calls “jumpy” legs and has had trouble sleeping because of this. She has not been diagnosed with restless leg syndrome….but it sure seems like that what she has. She took an 8oz spray bottle…filled with water and 4 drops lavender oil. Each night she lightly mists her legs….and she has been sleeping well ever since. She has been doing this every night for 6 months now…and says it has never failed to calm her “jumpy” legs. Hope this helps! Marlita
Mary, Your mother most likely could avoid more drugs for restless legs by taking magnesium. Even if she is taking vitamins and minerals that have it in it, it probably isn’t enough. Take a magnesium supplement by itself in the evening. Diabetics and athletes especially have a higher need for that mineral than most people do. Many magnesium supplements can cause diarrhea, so just adjust the amount. I use magnesium oil on my skin and have sent messages on it several times. The magnesium used this way gets directly into the cells. You decide on either supplements or oil, but magnesium is probably what is most lacking. I will post the website if you want to read more about diabetes and magnesium – http://www.imva.info. I can promise you that it is well worth reading! Just a note before I sign off. A close friend of mine has had diabetes for 22 years. She hasn’t been able to bring down her blood sugar in two years and her blood pressure is always high. Her legs were painful when she walked just a short distance, plus in the evening she couldn’t sleep due to the restless leg problem. She started using the magnesium oil daily. Her blood sugar is reading normal and her blood sugar is now normal, plus her leg pain is gone. I’m not saying that your mother will have the same results, but it’s worth reading how very important magnesium is for health, especially for diabetics. Good Health!!Judy
I get Restless Leg Syndrome when I’m pregnant, so I’m not sure how it compares to people who have it all the time. Palo Santo wasn’t out then, so I don’t know if it works. I do know that Peace and Calming took care of it for me. I rubbed a drop on each foot and up my legs before bed and had no problems with jumpy legs. If I didn’t… well, I had to do it in the middle of the night! I have heard of others who use Lavender, but that wasn’t as effective for me. Different people have different bodies and a different oil will work. Good luck! Rebecca in NC
When I first came into Young Living, I had terrible Restless Leg, I was on medication for it. I was told by my upline, Susan Pottish, to use Mineral Essence, 3 droppers full, 3 times a day. I did and within 3 days my restless leg was gone and has never returned. I had had it for over 3 years and it was severe. I also have a downline member who had a friend that used Thieves for restless leg…go figure. Cristina Rose Campbell
Supplements that work for me are Sulfurzyme & Megacal, and 5 HTP (not a YLEO product) just before bedtime, followed with loads of lemongrass and
lavender. I also have to change oils, every so often and use Aroma Seize & PanAway as well. Jackie
I have had success treating restless leg syndrome by mixing lavender and chamomile in V-6 and rubbing it on my legs. Good luck. Diann
Catherine, Whenever restless leg syndrome wakes me up, It’s usually because I had forgotten to I take my Coral Sea mixed with Sulfurzyme. After I take this drink, it works for me and I go right to sleep. Another thing that has also worked is to rub Ortho Sport on my legs. Hope this helps. Caroline Rollinson Koenig
Cristina, Many muscle twitches (growing pains in children, etc.) are due to mineral deficiencies so mineral essence should work. But the thieves??? Helen
Hi, I get a lot of relief from restless legs with Lavender. I just rub a little on my lower legs, it goes right away. Mae
Increased acid can cause restless sleep, restless legs, and nightmares. Restless Leg Syndrome- Basil, Valerian and others. RutaVaLa and Pepper on back on neck. Gary Young @ 2008 Ecuador training
If you have a problem sleeping, or have restless leg syndrome, use RutaVaLa. Massage under earlobe, follow the jaw line, drop to the left side of the esophagus, then the right side. Just massage with the Roll-on by the jugular vein.

Put in your hands and massage on shoulders. If you sleep erratically, you will sleep 5 – 6 hours without waking. Most people don’t get into the 4th stage of sleep. He’s read that people who can get into 4th stage can get the same benefit in 2-3 hours as those who sleep 8 hours. Call on RutaVaLa & Palo Santo w Gary Young 1/06/11
The book EODR says “NEED WATER, and MEGA CAL.”ETC. still problems. I went to my CHIROPRACTOR. He adjusted my spine, body and all is well. We have to keep trying other things… BLESSINGS: TERRIE WOZNICKI
I have a friend less than a 100 miles north of me, who got rid of this problem of so called restless leg syndrome, with Basil Oil. Restless leg syndrome is another one that’s been made into a disease. Jeff Kaplan
Also about 6 weeks ago I asked about my leg pain. It was diagnosed today as Restless leg syndrome. The doctor wants me on miraplex. What are some success stories about restless leg syndrome? Laurie
Laurie for restless leg I use Peace and Calming and it works wonders. 🙂 Anna~


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