288 – Eye Floaters

I used to get floaters occasionally. A drop of Frankincense
around the eye gets rid of them in a matter of moments for me. I also found
that when I stopped drinking diet soda that I didn’t have the floaters

Joan Luellen


I used Frankincense and Ningxia Red to help eliminate my floaters.
I applied Frankincense around the eyes and then rubbed my palms together and cupped them over the eyes with eyes open. Circle the eyes around slowly ..clockwise and counter clockwise , upward and down and side to side as you breathe in the Frankincense and let it permeate to all parts of your eyes.. I did this for a few minutes morning and night. It did take some length of time and I have been floater free for 18 months. I also do this occasionally for maintenance.

Karen McArthur

I had had floaters for at least 20 years when I started with Young Living
in 1999 so I know how annoying they can be. One of the first oils I started
using was Frankincense around the eyes as I had read testimonials from
people who had eliminated floaters by using Frankincense. It did for me too.
Occasionally since then I’ll notice a floater or two and a couple of days of
Frankincense around the eyes takes care of it.
As with anything dealing with the oils, this is an individual matter. I
used Frankincense full strength. For anyone new to the oils or who has used
commercial personal care products, makeup around the eyes, or medications
prior to recently learning about and starting to use the oils, I would suggest
diluting it first. Adjust according to what your body wants and can
handle. Common sense and caution are always wise.

I put the oil on the end of my finger and spread it around the eye on the
bony part of the eye socket. That means near the eyebrow above the eye.
Remember that the eyelids keep opening and closing and in doing so come VERY
close to touching the skin near the eyebrow. So keep the oil ABOVE that or
you may find the oil getting on the eyelashes and into the eye. Not pleasant
but it doesn’t last long. If it happens, some butter or vegetable oil on
the edge of the eyelid will help. Also be careful NOT to get the oil near the
outside edge of the eye lid or it will ‘leak’/spread into the crease where
the upper and lower lids meet. Truly it takes only a tiny, tiny amount.
Less is more…

Best wishes,
Carol Faust

My Mother was having to go to her eye Dr. every four months due to borderline pressure issues. The Dr. had put her on some vitamins (lutein I believe). After researching I discovered that the eye also needs zeaxanthin. I started her on Ningxia Red. After about 18 months or so, she went in for her appointment. At some point during her exam, she told the Dr. that her floaters were gone. The Dr. was amazed. After the exam Mom was told that everything looked great and to come back in one year! We just looked at each other in amazement. Even the pressure issue must have improved.

Patti Daret


I just wanted to comment to the group about Frankincense suggestion for floaters and started circling my eyes that night because all my life I have had floaters and they can drive you crazy at times. Well I am here to tell you it works. Within even a couple of hours I could tell the difference with a decrease of 50% and about a week later maybe 80% improved. I also think there is an improvement in my vision, also with more vivid colors. WOW!!! Thanks you both parties—-one for asking and to the person responding.

Bonnie Zagar


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